NIM standard nanosecond laser light source(OPG-NIM)

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NIM standard nanosecond laser light source (OPG-NIM)

OPG-NIMNIM standard laser light source

OPG-NIM is NIM standard nanosecond laser light source. It can be driven external pulse signal.

Please check the specifications on this catalog

*NIM: Nuclear Instrument Module
*BIN power supply is necessary to use NIM module.

  • Optical output of nanosecond
  • Drive by a external trigger signal
  • Optical fiber output
  • Optical power is variable 3digit and half LED display
  • Pulse width: 1ns, 3ns, 5ns (standard model)
  • Light on/off ratio: > 75dB (High ratio 120dB or more type is also available)
  • Pulse width can be selected by panel switch
  • Repetition frequency: single-shot ~1MHz
  • Wavelength: 380~980nm available

-Customization service-
The specified core size and the pulse width type can be manufactured.

Waveform of pulse response

Waveform of pulse response

OPG-NIM can output 1ns~5ns light pulse of nanosecond.

Series list

Model Wavelength Model Wavelength
OPG-NIM-380 380nm OPG-NIM-670 670nm
OPG-NIM-405 405nm OPG-NIM-780 780nm
OPG-NIM-440 440nm OPG-NIM-830 830nm
OPG-NIM-473 473nm OPG-NIM-850 850nm
OPG-NIM-630 630nm OPG-NIM-980 980nm
OPG-NIM-650 650nm    

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