OTDR-2100GOF-AP (High resolution optical fiber test instrument for airplane)


(High resolution optical fiber test instrument for airplane)

High analysis capability for optical fiber in airplane.

OTDR-2100GOF-APThe optical fiber in an airplane is very short. Therefore, it is necessary to measure by the high spatical resolution of the unit 1cm.
This high resolution OTDR was developed for this purpose.

Please check the specifications on the catalog

Spatial resolution : 1cm. Very short dead zone!!
High sensitivity by photon counting mode
Various analysis (defect, transmission loss...etc)
Conformable to CE marking (EU safety standard)
Operation is easy by the software of the Windows.

The best method for the short distance measurement by the high spatial resolution.


Fault point can be found by this OTDR.
It can find even a little wrong points that is the defect and transmission loss...etc

*Windows are registered trademark of the United States Microsoft Corporation in the United States and in order countries.
*This insturument is possible to test the performance of optical fiber only on the ground. We don't guarantee against the performance that optical fiber is set in hte airplane and the opertional result of the airplane.

You can watch the demo of OTDR on You Tube
Watch the demo

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