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DarkroomFor working with microscope,chemistry and the field of the material research

・It can open and close with hook and loop fastener
Curtain type(B-L-CU)
Cross type(B-L-X) *Photo:Cross type

Please check the specifications on this catalog

・Shading ability is class 1. (class 1: 99.99% shading rate)
・Standard color is black. Color chart of curtain (PDF/58KB)
・Non-flammable material.

*We support the Dark Room's option serviece only in Japan.


Please click each list, a framework picture is displayed in PDF

We can provide special size on request.
Width:~5meter, Depth&High:~2meter

Type Size(mm)
Standard type Curtain type Cross type Width Depth Height
B-L1 B-L1-CU B-L1-X 1600 1600 2000
B-L2 B-L2-CU B-L2-X 2100 1600 2000
B-L3 B-L3-CU B-L3-X 2100 2100 2000
B-L4 B-L4-CU B-L4-X 3100 1600 2000
B-L5 B-L5-CU B-L5-X 3100 2100 2000
B-L6 B-L6-CU B-L6-X 4200 1600 2000
B-L7 B-L7-CU B-L7-X 4200 2100 2000
B-L8 B-L8-CU B-L8-X 5200 1600 2000

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