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Folding Darkroom

Complete a darkroom in 5minutes!!

Folding darkroom is cut down the assemble time considerably more than existing darkroom. (Working hour is just 5 minutes)

To assemble a darkroom, unfold the frame, cover the black-out curtain and extend the poles. And no tool is necessary.

It’s useful for not only optical measure, laser light shielding but also simple display booth and using in the field.

Please check the specifications on this catalog

Specification Application
1.Select entrance type (Hook-and-loop fastener type, Cross type)
2.Frame: Aluminum square pipe with alumite treatment
3.Black-out curtain: Light shielding ability is the first class (by Japanese standard) and nonflammable material
4.Select a curtain color (Normally: Black) 5.Storage bag
1.Working with microscope
2.Safety measures of laser machine
3.Chemistry and the field of the material research
4.Simple display booth
5.Cell to demonstrate a product

Assembling method


Step1. Have the four corners of the frame and stretch it. (Time: One minute)

Step2. Cover the black-out curtain. (Time: 2 minutes)

Step3. Extend the poles (Time: 2 minutes)

Storage bagEasy to carry by storage bag

The black-out curtain is removable and the frame is foldable when not in use.

Also, storage bag is included that is easy to carry the darkroom.

Preliminary note

*As to this darkroom, it can’t be produced special order size.
*Laser safety standard of black-out curtain: below class3R (Set by Japanese Industrial Standards)
* Please assemble a darkroom by yourself.
*This darkroom can’t use in clean room.
*The specification of our product may be changed for the reason such as improvement and the progress of technology without notice.

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